In addition, we hand the notification center, which will undoubtedly be very useful and also let the iChat side to make way for IMessages, although the former will still work. IMessages allow us, among other things, unlimited texting and free of charge to any IOS devices or any Mac. As mentioned earlier, OS X 10.8 Lion Mountain will have many new things, we have only mentioned a few and certainly, the operating system is available for developers to be testing its technology.
As you may recall, OS X 10.7 was released about 7 months or so, and now Apple has already shown us something of what will be the next version of its operating system for Macs, OS X 10.8 Lion Mountain. With the new OS X the company aims to bridge the boundaries between phones and computers and has already stated that the new OS will feature over 100 new features, many inspired by the iPad. As expected, one of the strengths of Mountain Lion is to have icloud, so that we can access our data via any device from the company on the block.

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